Kickboxing (Bag Class)

Practice your figthing skills in an intense cardio class


Kick boxing is a high-impact cardio activity that engages all of your core muscle groups. Kick boxing movements include a variety of kicking and punching, as well as using your elbows and knees for striking. Other fast-paced movements that build strength and endurance as well as burn hundreds of calories per hour are including such as learning how to slip or weave away from punches and how to properly move in a fighting stance. Depending on your weight, it is reported by several health and fitness resources that the average person can burn anywhere between 500 to 600 calories per hour of kickboxing.

The main benefits of Kickboxing are:

  • awesome fitness
  • increased strength
  • increased confidence through knowing self defense
  • toned arms
  • toned and firm legs
  • toned and firm butt muscles
  • faster weight loss
  • explosive power
  • better balance

Krav Maga Kickboxing is not your typical kickboxing class! This is cardio training with a purpose. Utilizing the principles of Krav Maga, KM Kickboxing not only can help you lose weight and become stronger but also is designed to teach you how to use these techniques to defend yourself on the street. A variety of punches and kicks are used throughout the classes in an intense cardiovascular workout. Using standing bags and pad work while surrounded by energizing music, this Kickboxing class teaches you how to properly execute your punches and kicks with the maximum power, speed and accuracy so if needed on the street you could put up a fight! This class is designed to help supplement your Krav Maga Self Defense Level training with focus on your offensive striking and to build your endurance and stamina. 16 oz boxing gloves are required and can be purchased at the studio. Bring water and a towel – you are going to sweat!

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